Aims of the Society

The main aim of the Ogston Surgical Society is to promote surgery as a career to undergraduate medical students. We also aim to give students experience and training in some of the practical skills required for surgery that they would not otherwise learn in their undergraduate curriculum.

Changes in surgical training mean that students are expected to specialise at an earlier stage. The society offers an insight into the different specialties in order to enable students to make informed decisions concerning their professional careers.



The History of the Ogston Society

The Ogston Surgical Society was created by Aberdeen medical students in 2002 and was named after the renowned surgeon Sir Alexander Ogston.

Ogston began his training in Marischal college and graduated from Aberdeen University in 1865 and began his career as an ophthalmic surgeon. He later became involved in orthopaedics and developed the “Ogston operation” for genu valgum. Ogston was appointed Regius Professor of Surgery in 1882.

As a military surgeon Ogston was described as “…the first pioneer in dealing with the medical conditions prevailing in the Army and Navy in modern times”. He is also credited with introducing carbolic spray for anti-septic use to Aberdeen. His most famous achievements was the discovery of Staphylococcus Aureus.

The Ogston Society is inspired by the work of Sir Alexander Ogston and was created to promote surgery as a career. The Society has a largely academic background and is aimed at providing additional surgical experience to undergraduate medical students.