Name: Ryan Adams

Year: BSc Med Sci

Role: President

I came to medical school thinking I wanted to be a surgeon, but with an open mind to pursue whichever topic that I enjoyed most. I only really became properly involved in Ogston Surgical Society after my second year and it’s really given me a proper insight into what a surgical career might mean. This has been invaluable and now I think it’s only right that I give a little back, so others can gain the same perspective.

As President for this year, I really want to introduce more medical students to what a career in surgery is really like (something we are very good at) as well as pushing the boundaries of our society to see what else we can achieve. Hosting the first undergraduate conference in Aberdeen last year, was a big milestone for the society and something that has inspired me to do my very best.

With the great committee we've got this year I'm sure we'll be able to offer many brilliant events for our members and hopefully introduce them all to something new.


Name: Hassen Ahmeidat

Year: Year 3

Role: Vice-President

Hey, my name is Hassen and I'm from glasgow and like many of you reading this, I'm interested in surgery! After discovering the society in first year and attending many of its insightful events, I joined the committee  as a 2nd year representative. I regularly attended talks by the local surgeons and it really healped me learn the many highlights and difficulties a career in surgery would hold. Being part of the commitee is something I really enjoyed and allowed me to meet other aspiring surgeons.

I've become more invovled with the commitee this year as vice president and hope, along with the fantastic team, to continue to deliver a great experience


Name: Natalie Maple

Year: Year 2

Role: Secretary

Hi, so back in first year having been in Aberdeen for less than a term, and survived beerienteering, I decided to join Ogston Society. I had a very vague idea that I might potentially want to pursue surgery but that was all…. But as I found out that is exactly what Ogston is all about- finding out if surgery is something you want to do.

I went along to the first Ogston talk and workshop, and that was it for me... so I asked to join the committee last year as a representative and now in my 2nd year as secretary.

What I would say to any potential newbie is that joining the society helps to make the course more rounded, and it opens your eyes to the opportunities available. I would say come join and experience something different and see if it’s for you!!!



Name: Nigel Ng

Year: Year 3

Role: Treasurer

Heya, I'm very excited to be part of this year's committee.  In my first 2 years as a member, Ogston has organised many events which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I want to give something back to this society now and I feel very privileged to be given this opportunity to play a bigger role in organising more exciting events for all medics.  My aim is to come up with fresh ideas to improve on the already fantastic calender of events that Ogston provides for its members.

Singapore is home and I have been in Aberdeen for 2 years now.  I am really enjoying my time here and I look forward to another great year in medical school.  I hope to see you as an Ogston member and at our events :)"



Name Adam Berg

Year: Year 5

Role: Talks organiser

I first became interested in surgery when I visited the Royal college of Surgeons Edinburgh Museum as part of a high school trip. I was fascinated by the jars of pickled anatomy specimens and gory history of surgery's past. I knew then I needed to explore this topic in further detail! After joining Medical School I immediately joined the Ogston Surgical Society.

Ogston provides an unrivaled opportunity to listen to interesting stories told by experienced surgeons as well as gain knowledge from trainees involved in the current training pathway. I love the opportunities the society provides to develop practical skills taught by enthusiastic individuals in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.



Name Callum Stove

Year: Year 5

Role: Practical Procedures Workshop Co-ordinator 

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I wanted to become a committee member of Ogston because I believe a surgical career would be a very rewarding one and that this would be a good opportunity to learn more. I joined the Aberdeen course in 3rd year, having completed the first half of my medical education in the University of St Andrews. The experiences I gained there, particularly dissection classes and an anatomy focussed course were incredibly interesting.



Name: Robbie Jack                                                                                                  

Year: Intercalated BSc

Role: Basic Surgical Skills Workshop Coordinator

I have been a member of Ogston for the past couple of years and thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and talks that have been held so decided to get involved. I really want to help the society continue raising awareness of a surgical career being an exciting path to follow and an achievable goal.

I'm from Edinburgh and love travelling, having spent near enough all of my money on a recent holiday to SE Asia. I also like to have a bash at cooking and playing a variety of sports.'

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Name: Allan Green

Year: 5th Year Medicine

Role: IT

I’ve been part of the Ogston society from first year. There have been lots of great events and talks and it’s also a great place to meet students from other years. This year I’ve been helping setup the new website and get the mailing lists running.


Name: Jared Wohlgemut

Year: 4th Year Medicine

Role: Conference Organiser

I joined Ogston this year to learn practically and theoretically what life as a surgeon would be like, and to help others find answers to that query as well. I am a post graduate medical student, having completed an Honours degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Guelph in my native Canada. Experiences in Galmi Hospital (Niger, West Africa) in 2007 and Kijabe Hospital (near Nairobi, Kenya) in 2009 have opened my eyes to the wonders and challenges that a surgical career could offer. Come check it out, you might like it!



Name: Clare Morgan

Year: Intercalated BSc

Role: Teaching Seminars Convenor

Hello, I am on my BSc year and have been a member of Ogston since first year. I am back this year as  Educational Convener having last year been 4th year rep and prior to that in 3rd year been responsible for organising the surgical workshops. As for "facts about me" I enjoy horse riding, travelling and swimming. I would just add that if anyone is thinking about going for a committee position in Ogston to definitely go for it! I have had lots of fun beeing part of the committee.

Other Memberships: Aberdeen Wilderness Medicine, Aberdeen Medical Ethics Soc

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Name Ali Malik

Year: Year

Role: Suturing Convenor

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Name:  Megan Smith

Year:  2nd year

Role: 2nd  year rep.

I joined OGSTON last year with the vague idea that surgery seemed pretty interesting, but didn't really have any idea what the society was about.  Having really enjoyed all the talks and workshops I went to (practically everything!) I decided surgery looked like a challenging, exciting career and wanted to try and get more involved - year rep seemed like a good place to start. I'm looking forward to another exciting year with OGSTON and can't wait to get stuck in, meet new people and learn new skills.



Name: Mohammad Almakky

Year: 3rd Year

Role: Third year rep 

Hey I'm Mohammad, aka Moh. I'm the 3rd year rep and have been involved with Ogston since first year. I've thoroughly enjoyed the various workshops and surgical talks/conferences over the past few years and hope to deliver the message of what Ogston is about to all my peers and other medical students.  The best part of being on the committee is knowing all the pre-planned events and having an input. I hope to inspire medical students towards surgery and remain involved in this

Interesting facts: Qualified lifeguard, Scuba diver, black belt in Martial-Arts Karate. Live for football and enjoy every single sport on this planet!

Other memberships: Aberdeen Medics Football Club

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Name:  Josh Thompson

Year:  Intercalated BSc

Role:  BSc Rep

I joined Ogston in 1st year having come to medical school with the goal of becoming a surgeon and that hasn’t changed. This is the first year I’ve been on the committee and am excited by the prospect of increased involvement in the society and spending time with like-minded individuals. As a medical student I think it’s important to know what is involved in a surgical career and how to get there. Hopefully Ogston can continue to provide an insight into such in a way that is accessible and enjoyable.

Other Memberships: Aberdeen Medics FC

Interesting Fact: All interesting facts about me are too inappropriate for this site…

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Name:  Finlay Mudie

Year:  4th year

Role: Inverness rep

I only signed up to the Ogston Surgical Society last year and attended as many events as I could.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and gained a better understanding of surgery.  This year I wanted to have a bit more input into the running of the society and hope to help make it even better than last year.

Other memberships:

Interesting Fact:

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Name: Majid Rashid

Role: (5th year rep)

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