President: Neena Suchdev


Welcome all to the Ogston Surgical Society website. I was delighted to be elected as President of the society in my fifth and final year at Aberdeen. I have been a member of Ogston for the past three years, taking on the roles of Newsletter Editor, Secretary, and Vice President. This year promises to be my most challenging, but I go into it knowing I have a fantastic team behind me who are all passionate about surgery.

The Ogston Surgical Society continues to go from strength to strength. Our events range from an introduction to the very basics of surgery to advanced suturing workshops that span over a number of weeks. This year, as well as building on the success of previous events, I hope to implement more clinical learning opportunities.

If you are interested in a career in surgery I would highly recommend coming along to our events. Not only do we teach the basics of surgery – knot tying, suturing, laparoscopy – we also provide a fun, relaxed environment for anyone who wants to meet new people and learn new skills. We know that many students aren’t sure whether or not they want to pursue a career in surgery, so our society is open to everyone regardless what stage in Medical School they are at. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our society and our events, do not hesitate to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice President: Al Alwash

As a long-standing member, it is my pleasure to be Vice President for the 2017/2018 academic year. I strive for Ogston Surgical Society to be an increasingly professional organisation, whereby being run by students drives the society to be innovative and dynamic; with no leniency for this to be an excuse for lower standards in any aspect of our operation. Ogston runs many varied events throughout the year, and I particularly enjoy organising and delivering practical skills teaching. I have supervised the advent of new suturing courses and a greater focus on teaching other Ogston members these invaluable skills, in the hope that Ogston will become well-known regionally for its excellence in extra-curricular clinical training.

Treasurer: Andrew Ablett

Working full time in UK's best neurosurgical hospital (the Walton Centre) and one of the best cardiothoracic surgical units (Freeman Hospital) ignited my passion for surgery. Working under surgical pioneers such as Prof Dark and Prof Eldridge opened my mind to the sophisticated and innovative ways in which surgery can extend and dramatically improve patients quality of life. During my time with Ogston, my greatest contribution was the co-creation of the first ever 5-week suturing and knot tying course which was tremendously successful and is backed by popular demand for future additions. Currently I am working on 5 surgical projects with the aims publishing these projects within the coming year. Out with medicine I am very passionate about martial arts, with my current focus being Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; within which I have won international competitions. Ogston is fantastic society to be involved with and I am fortunate to be part of a team which continues to drive Ogston towards brighter and greater things!

Secretary: Vaishnevy Ganesh


Hello and welcome to Ogston Surgical Society. This is my second year as Secretary of Ogston and I hope to be able to bring more to the society this year! Ogston Surgical Society is a great platform to build basic surgical skills and events are organized to suit all students from fresher’s all the way to final year medical students.


I have always had a keen interest in surgery and Ogston Surgical Society ignited my passion further and gave me the opportunity to continue this passion. I hope all members will be able to benefit from Ogston and enjoy it as much as I do and I look forward to meeting each and everyone one of you.


Conference Organiser: Edward Bader  

Education & Teaching Seminars Convenor: Amy Hu

I'm interested in general and acute specialities which combine both medicine and surgery such as A&E. I joined Ogston having had fantastic experiences in theatre in 4th year and wanted to become more involved in surgery. I'm particularly interested in teaching and education, and hope to open up interest into surgery for more people.

Talks Convenor: Charlotte Neary


My role is to get in touch with doctors and get them on board for our events. I also am keen to get involved with the running of events by assisting any way I can.

Practical Procedures & Suturing Convenor (1/2): Emma Anderson 


My name is Emma Anderson and I am a second year medical student. I joined Ogston last year as the first year representative, and this year I was elected as one of the Suturing Convenors. My main role is to work with other members of the committee organise the 4 week advanced suturing course that Ogston runs yearly in October. This gives medical students the opportunity to practice suturing and knot-tying skills and to gain some basic surgical knowledge. I will also be helping out at the other Ogston events throughout the year. It was great being part of Ogston last year and I am looking forward to meeting our new members.

Practical Procedures & Suturing Convenor (2/2): Sarah McGuckin


Hello everyone, I’m Sarah, a 3rd year medical student from Ireland. I have been a member of Ogston since coming to university and having attended many of the brilliant events that take place throughout the year, I’m really looking to being the Suturing and Practical Procedures Covenor this year! As a hands-on and practical society, Ogston offers medical students the opportunity to explore and develop their interest in all aspects of surgery. This year, I hope to continue the practical approach of Ogston by ensuring the smooth running of our suturing workshops, involving a variety of experts from a number of surgical specialities to achieve the best possibly experience for our members. I have a strong interest is in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and I hope to use my knowledge in this field to encourage others to think about a career in surgery.

Publicity & Media: Bhinal Patel

 Hi, my name is Bhinal, and this is my second year as part of Ogston Surgical Society. Having been to a few of the Ogston Taster Events in first year, I attended the key skills course and it was there that I decided that surgery is what I wanted to do. My advice to anyone even slightly considering a career in surgery, is to go to as many Ogston events as possible this year, they will be very popular, so make sure to not miss out!

Newsletter Editor: Michael Scott


This will be my second year as Editor for Ogston Surgical Society, which is a new committee role we piloted last year. As Editor, I have the privilege of writing freely on current surgical advancements as well as publicising Ogston’s past and upcoming events.

I would like to push for a BMJ-style magazine/editorial in addition to online work. Although much in the way of publicity and media has moved online, there is still something authentic about having a physical copy of something to read – you can hold it, flick through it – it is tangible. This year we’ll be working on releasing quality writing extended into quality design, in essence, showcasing the interesting and pioneering surgical activities of 2017-18.

1st Year Representative: Calum Hill  

2nd Year Representative: Marcus Rose


Hello! Welcome to Ogston! I recall at my freshers fayre a student in the year above said to avoid Ogston because ‘They are all up themselves and all the events are extortionate’. This could not be further from the truth. You only need to spend a couple of minutes at any of our events (where the majority are free), to realise that Ogston is run by a group of committed students who only want to share their passion of surgery. Do not feel like you need to know anything about surgery before coming to our events, many are aimed at first years who have 0 experience in surgery. I presume if you have reached the point in reading about the committee, you are slightly interested in Ogston. Make the move and go to one of our events and you will see for yourself why we are one of the largest (and best) medical societies in Aberdeen. Chances are, you will become hooked. This year I am the 2nd year rep. My plan is to get involved with the running and planning of future Ogston events and to be a point of contact for my peers.

A bit about me: From Aberdeen originally. Graduate with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial. Love the outdoors. Unsure of surgical specialty, possibly orthopaedics due to the strong link with engineering. 30 year aim/dream/probs not going to happen: Surgeon in a teaching hospital with surgical device patents to my name. Holiday home in London and Ballater (best of both worlds).

3rd Year Representative: Asiyah Morrison


I’ve long been captivated by a career in surgery and impressed by this society; the events they run and the opportunities provided. Yet this is the first time I have a role in the committee itself- a responsibility I wholly appreciate. As third year rep I’m hoping to get as many students as possible engaged with surgery and aware of the practical experience one can gain from participating with Ogston. I’m really excited for the coming year, being more actively involved with the society and I look forward to sparking interests amongst other students.

4th Year Representative: Nour Abdel-Fattah


Despite possessing an unwavering interest in surgery that stretches beyond the start of medical school, I only came to my senses this year and decided to join the committee! Since first year, I have been cautious not to let my pre-occupation with surgery prevent me from exploring other career options, but over the past three years my fascination with surgery has only intensified. Attending a multitude of surgical events, including those hosted by our very own Ogston Surgical Society, has reinforced my aspiration to pursue a career in surgery. I am delighted to be part of this committee and look forward to what my role as Fourth Year Representative brings. I will hopefully be advertising our exciting events to fourth year students; meanwhile, if you have any queries or suggestions, you know who to turn to!

5th Year Representative: Eimer McClenaghan

My name is Eimear McClenaghan and I am the fifth year representative. I joined Ogston after having some amazing experiences on my surgical placements in fourth year and thoroughly enjoying Ogston’s events throughout the year. My advice to anyone is to come along to as many events as you can and get involved. The highlight of these events for me is the surgical anatomy course with the RCSEd, which I would recommend to anyone considering a career in surgery. My role within the committee is to liaise with fifth year medical students.


Bsc Representative: Tom Harris  
PA Representative: Lauren Craig